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We’ve traveled the world to bring you the best tasting flavors and recipes. Escape to the Hawaiian Islands with our fresh Poke Bar that offers a generous selection, including spicy tuna, shrimp and mango, and more! Or, grab a bowl of our savory and slightly sweet African peanut soup and make your own fresh salad. Maybe you’re craving a Caribbean pork sandwich with meat that has been slow roasted for 12 hours or our customer favorite prime rib sandwich with garlic aioli and au jus. We could suggest many more dishes, but we’ll leave it up to you to explore – bon appétit!


  • Large selection of seasonal, made from scratch salads and meals.
  • Poke Bar with fresh seafood varieties and toppings to build the ultimate poke bowl.
  • Moist, delicious, and free range rotisserie chicken.
  • Carving station featuring prime rib and Caribbean pork available daily and a rotating selection including rotisserie leg of lamb, turkey breast, smoked beef brisket, braised Pecorino meatballs.
  • Signature soups including our classic tomato basil, chicken noodle, African peanut, and cracked corn, as well as vegetarian and gluten free options.
  • Savory, rich, Italian-style charcuterie, conveniently packaged and party ready.

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