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10 Father’s Day Ideas

June 9, 2023  |   by Cameron Ito

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and finding the perfect gift for dad can be quite a task, especially with his endless supply of dad jokes. Whether you opt for a fun-filled family outing or want to surprise him with a thoughtful gift, we asked around and compiled a list of ideas for showing dad how much you care..

take it easy

Take It Easy

The most common response from dads with younger kids was that they’d like to enjoy a leisurely day with the family, including the cherished opportunity to sleep in. To ensure dad’s relaxation, keep the plans light and flexible. Make his day even more special by taking over his regular chores or errands, granting him a well-deserved break from daily responsibilities.

Special Sipper

A thoughtfully chosen bottle to stock the bar is always a welcome gift. Dad will enjoy having an impressive collection of spirits when hosting friends or simply unwinding with a glass after a long day. Consider options like fine whiskeys, exquisite scotches, smooth sipping tequilas, or flavorful mezcals. We recommend the Bozal mezcal or Woodinville Whiskey (Metropolitan Market has an exclusive he’ll love). Not a drinker? Not to worry, the world of non-alcoholic (NA) drinks offers a wide array of options nowadays, including NA wines, beers, and even liquors.


Father’s Day is a great time to audit the contents of dad’s bar. Take inventory and identify any missing essentials. Are there enough whiskey glasses? Does he need some stylish ice molds? Perhaps a cocktail shaker is missing from the collection. After all, there’s nothing more frustrating than having an excellent bottle of spirits without the proper barware to enhance the drinking experience.

special sippers
grill and chill

Grill and Chill

There is something therapeutic for dad when he’s grilling. In most cases, the sun is shining, the tantalizing aroma of sizzling meat is in the air, and he has a cold beverage in hand. Whether it’s the perfectly seared grill marks on a juicy steak or the succulent tenderness of smoked brisket, a sense of satisfaction always follows. Ensure dad has everything he needs: a reliable grill brush, a convenient grill topper, or new set of grilling gloves! For an extra thoughtful touch, check out the Butcher Shop to find a high-quality cut of meat, sparing him a trip to the store.

Trails and Picnics

Living in the Pacific Northwest, it’s safe to say we all love the outdoors, especially this time of year when the sun is shining bright. Consider a day out with a morning walk or an afternoon picnic with the family. Check out some kid-friendly trails such as Snoqualmie Falls or the scenic Discovery Park and Lighthouse Loop Trail in Seattle. Pack an easy lunch and enjoy Golden Gardens in Ballard, Discovery Park in Magnolia, or Magnuson Park in Seattle. For those on the Eastside, Marina Park in Kirkland and Grass Lawn Park in Redmond offer great settings to create memories with dad.

tails and picnics
for the wild

For the Wild

For fathers who revel in adventure, road trips, and camping, you can’t go wrong with equipping him with supplies to enhance the experience. From sharpening stones and explorer kits to hydroflask bottles and hat to keep him cool and hydrated, you know he’ll appreciate the gift of gear. And of course, don’t overlook a quality bug repellent to ensure a bug-free adventure.

Arts and Crafts

For the more sentimental dads out there, nothing beats a heartfelt, handmade card, drawing, or craft from the kids. Make it a tradition with something special each year that dad will cherish for a lifetime. Plus, the kids will love looking back on the experience as they get older!

arts and crafts


For the coffee enthusiast who takes his morning Joe seriously, Father’s Day is the perfect occasion to ensure dad starts his day on the right note. Consider giving a stylish mug or a sleek coffee or coffee press. We are loving the Aeropress (not shown). Explore the wide range of other coffee makers in-store and peruse the Kitchen Shop for all the essential tools needed to achieve that perfect burst of caffeine!


Dads deserve pampering, too. Putting together a considerate self-care package can make a fantastic gift, and the possibilities are endless. Check out luxurious Dr. Squatch soaps and deodorants (we’re loving the Wood Barrel Bourbon and Pine Tar scents) or invigorating scrubs from Cleanlogic. For added relaxation, include a couple simple items like Advil and melatonin for a soothing touch. Let your creativity shine as you curate a thoughtful assortment of self-care essentials.

self care

Activity (for another day)

Is your dad a golfer, music lover, or whiskey fan? Surprise him with an experience to look forward to. As Father’s Day itself might be a bit busy, consider planning something for the near future. How about treating him to a round of golf at his favorite course or even one he’s never had the chance to visit before? Maybe tickets to a concert with his favorite band? You could also arrange for a tour of a brewery or distillery, giving him a chance to explore his interests.

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