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5 Feel–Good Recipes

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August 10, 2022  |   by Brooklynn Johnson

I don’t know about you, but once we reach those glorious summer months, my calendar fills up FAST. Time in the sun is precious in Seattle, so I love it when my food can play a part in fueling those adventures. Check out some hot weather-approved recipes that are all infused with a little extra boost to keep you hydrated, energized, and sharp.

tropical fruit popsicles

Tropical Chia Popsicles

Featuring: Buoy Hydration Drops

This recipe straight up feels too good to be true. It uses ingredients I mostly have on hand (like frozen fruit and coconut milk) and it absolutely embodies a tropical summer treat.

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Kale and Ginger Popsicles

Featuring: Buoy Hydration Drops

Mean, green, frozen machines! These ginger-infused pops are bright and lively, and the hydration drops make them even better on a hot day.

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kale and ginger popsicles
dalgona coffee popsicles

Coffee Popsicles

Featuring: Om Mushroom Coffee Latte Blend

Since there’s coffee in it, I can have these for breakfast, right? Right. This is real brain food too; the coffee blend is infused with Lion’s Mane, which is supposed to be great for energy and focus (both things I’m in desperate need of in the morning).

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Protein-Powered Peanut Sauce

Featuring: Sprout Living Simple Pumpkin Seed Protein

I could dip literally anything in peanut sauce and love it. The fact that this one turns up the volume on protein is an added bonus. Try it with these fresh spring rolls.

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protein powder peanut sauce
>blue spirulina bowl

Blue Spirulina Smoothie Bowl

Featuring: Spirulina Powder

Color me shocked, because this blue is no filter. If this is your first time hearing about spirulina, here are the basics: it’s a type of algae that boasts a wide range of benefits, including vitamins E, C, and B6, and is said to be great for your immune system. And some of it, like pictured here in this smoothie bowl, is vibrant blue.

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